How it Works

How do I order meals? 

To order your meals. Go to our home page and select your area. From there it will bring you to our Online Ordering Menus. You can put together your meals by choosing from our Breakfast menu, Pre-Built, Snacks and you can even build your own Custom Meals down to specific weights you require!  

When will I receive my meals? 

For Edmonton and surrounding areas you can select the day you would like your meals to be delivered. If you would like to have your meals for the next day please place your order before 6pm! We do make all orders fresh the day of delivery. Our deliveries run between 5pm and 9pm. Due to the large volume and large coverage of the city we cannot guaranteed specific times for delivery. Please ensure you are home or have a place that we can leave your meals. (Please note if you are in an apartment and unavailable, your meals will be ready for pickup the next day from our location.)

Can I Pickup my Meals? 

Yes! We do have the option for pickup from our location. Our Pickup times are between 4pm - 7pm Sunday to Friday. If you can't make it Friday evening, you can always come pick up your meals between 10am and 3pm on Saturday. We are located at #20 - 10 Carleton Drive, St. Albert

Do you do Meal Plans? 

We do work with multiple companies that can build you a Meal Plan based around the food we carry! We can help guide you to the right people based on what your goals are!  

Do you break down Macros? 

Unfortunately we are unable to breakdown your macros for you. My Fitness Pal is a great tool, and we do have the macros available for all our pre-built, breakfast and snack items. You can find the custom meal macro breakdowns at

How do Orders to Grande Prairie work?

Our Grande Prairie orders are delivered every Wednesday to Iron Nation Fitness, located at 9502 117 St. The orders will arrive by mid afternoon. If you are placing an order for the upcoming Wednesday our cutoff time is Monday night at 9pm! 

How do Orders to Fort McMurray work? 

Our Fort McMurray orders are delivered every Friday to Nutrition House, located at 8600 Franklin Ave. The orders will arrive by mid afternoon. If you are placing an order for the upcoming Friday our cutoff time is Wednesday night at 9pm! 

How do Orders to Calgary work? 

Our Calgary orders are delivered to your door every Saturday between 11am and 4pm. Please keep in mind that we take the route most efficient and can't guarantee delivery times. We appreciate your understanding! If you are placing an order for the upcoming Saturday our cutoff time is Thursday at 6pm! 

How do Orders to Drayton Valley work? 

Our Drayton Valley orders are delivered to Anytime Fitness, located at 5007 52 Ave, on Thursday's . Orders will typically arrive early afternoon. If you are placing an order for the upcoming Saturday our cutoff time is Tuesday at 6pm! 

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