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Our Story..

Changing the world one "BITE" at a time

We all come from different backgrounds, with many different skill sets, coming together to help create a movement we are extremely passionate about. Changing peoples views and lives with Healthy Eating. We have been through the struggles of day to day life and how busy it gets, travelling for work, and the long hours of shift work, we have prepped for fitness competitions, we have been elite athletes in different sports and federations, we have even dealt with our own health issues and witnessed first hand the importance and impact eating healthy has on our bodies and lives. Our main goal behind what we do at Bite Me Meals is to make the task and lifestyle of eating healthy simple, easy, affordable, and still delicious for people. It doesn't have to be boring!

Our Team of Red Seal Chefs, and Sports Nutrition experts help to make your meals healthy and delicious so you can reach whatever goal it is that you are trying to achieve without compromising taste and variety!

We are passionate about buying top quality ingredients, whole foods, and organic products when available so our customers can get maximum taste, the most health benefits from every ingredient, and the freshest product possible.


Pre-Built & Customized Meals

Made just the way you like them

When we started Bite Me Meals our goal was to allow you to choose the food you enjoy while keeping it as affordable as possible. We truly want everyone to experience the convinience of having your meals ready to go with you at anytime, anywhere! Save time by not having to go to the grocery store and cook your food. Save money by not having to eat while you're out. Most importantly, Save your health and wasitline by not having to eat from the drive thru Menu.

Choose from our Breakfast Menu, Pre-Built Meals, or Customize your own meals! We understand that not everyone is the same. That's why we believe in letting you make your own choices! You can completely custom build your meals to suit any diet or goal you have! 

Healthy Mindset. Healthy Eating. Healthy Body

Healthy Desserts


We love creating fresh fun, balanced deserts that you don't have to feel bad about eating! We don't belivie in having to use refined sugars, white flours, or any added chemicals or preservatives in our baking, and mostly all of it includes protein. All items are made fresh for your order, and for the most part we try to be as gluten free as possible!

We are well known for our Gluten Free Protein Donuts that come in a couple different flavour options, they substitute for a great clean desert or the perfect mid day snack!   Life is stressful enough, your food shouldn't be!


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10 Carleton Drive, St. Albert
Unit #20 (look for the Black Rifle Coffee Banner) 

Pick Up Hours - Sunday to Friday 4pm to 6pm
Office Hours - Sunday to Friday 10am to 5pm

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