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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery, Shipping + Pick-Up

How does Delivery work?

We deliver Sunday through Friday to Edmonton and the Greater Area as well as Calgary and area. For specific towns/cities, which you'll find listed on our home page.

For Edmonton and surrounding areas and Calgary + areas you can select the day you would like your meals to be delivered. If you would like to have your meals for the next day please place your order before 6pm! We do make all orders fresh the day of delivery. Our website will not let you order after the 6pm cutoff, and will automatically set you for the next available day.

Our deliveries run between 5pm and 9pm. Due to the large volume and large coverage of the city we cannot guaranteed specific times for delivery. Please ensure you are home or have a place that we can leave your meals. When putting in your address, there is an option to add a note on 'address line 2'. If you are an apartment, please include your unit and buzzer number.
(Please note- if you are in an apartment and unavailable, your meals will be ready for pickup the next day from our location.)
Outside the Greater Edmonton Area?
No worries, we do have drop off locations and can ship Canada wide with Purolator or fedex. For shipping info please visit
We currently have drop off locations to Fort McMurray and Drayton Valley.
We will have a new GP drop location soon, in the mean time please put YOUR address as we will ship them to your door.

We can also drop off at Supplement King in Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove Monday through Friday. Please see FAQ 'Where do you Deliver?' for more info.

You can find more information for GP and Fort Mac and Drayton below

How does delivery to Grande Prairie Work?

Our Grande Prairie orders are delivered every Wednesday.
Until our new drop location is ready, please use your own address to order. We will purolator the meals to you in an insulated box.
If you are placing an order for the upcoming Wednesday our cutoff time is Monday night at 9pm!

Please use the specific Grande Prairie Button on our website when ordering.

How does delivery to Fort McMurray Work?

Our Fort McMurray orders are delivered every Friday to Nutrition House, located at 8600 Franklin Ave. The orders will arrive by mid afternoon. If you are placing an order for the upcoming Friday our cutoff time is Wednesday night at 9pm!
As for the address, you can set it as follows;
Nutrition House 517B - 8600 Franklin Ave
Fort McMurray T9H 4G8

Please use the specific Fort McMurray Button on our website when ordering.

Purolator Shipping

We currently ship to Fort Mac, Grande Prairie, Drayton Valley and Calgary. Please see [above] for more info on receiving your order at those locations.
If you are wanting to ship elsewhere, we happily will send your order via purolator.
Shipping Estimates:

We can not give an exact cost due to it differing per location and size of your order.
If you would like a ballpark estimate before ordering, you can email us and PLEASE INCLUDE:
→ the number of meals you think you’ll be ordering
→ your postal code

With this information we will be able to give you a rough estimate.
We won’t be able to give you an exact total, but the rough estimates are usually close.
Ready to order?

When ordering and using purolator services, we request that you order online under the Edmonton + Area button using the ‘pick-up’ option. Please email us ASAP to let us know that you will be needing it shipped and also include your address and postal code.

Please keep in mind that your order will arrive the day after you selected it for. So if you select the 15th, it’ll arrive on the 16th.
Order cut off is 6pm the night before. So if you want it for the 16th, please order by 6pm (MST) on the 14th. It will be made and shipped on the 15th and arrive on the 16th.

Also keep in mind that Purolator does not ship on the weekends. We are only able to take orders to Purolator Monday through Thursday, so please plan accordingly.


Orders will not be shipped until invoices are paid for or a credit card is put on file for us to charge once the shipment has been sent to Purolator. We can either send you an invoice using the rough estimate calculation and you can pay via etransfer or CC over the phone.
If you'd rather put a credit card on file, we will charge the following day once we know exactly how much the shipment was and will send you an invoice.

Additional Costs:

We do ship your meals in a cooler lined box that cost $6.75. This will be added onto your invoice.
The box typically holds up to 20-25 meals.

Do you deliver to acreages around Edmonton?

Typically we do not. You can email us at with your address and we can let you know if we are able to. If not, we may be able to provide you with a pick up location outside of our pick up hours.

When and Where can I pick-up my meals?

We do have the option for pickup from our locations.

Edmonton + Area:
Our Pickup times are between 4pm - 7pm Sunday to Friday. We are located at 10 Carleton Drive, Unit 20, St. Albert.

If you're unable to come on Friday, you can pick up your meals between 10am and 3pm on Saturday.

Calgary + Area:
Our current pick up times are between 3:30 and 6pm Sunday to Thursday.
We are located at 635a 37 avenue NE, Calgary.

If you are needing your order before our pick up window, please place it for a day earlier. That way you are able to come pick it up as early as 8am the following day.

Example - You need to pick it up before Noon on Wednesday?
Place the order for Tuesday so that it is ready and waiting in our cooler for you.
Please send us an email to to let us know you'll be grabbing it the next day :)

Where do you Deliver?

We deliver Sunday through Friday to:
Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Morinville, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and
Fort Saskatchewan.

Our Calgary location delivers Sunday through Friday to:

We also deliver to Grande Prairie on Wednesday's, Fort Mac on Friday's and Drayton Valley on Thursdays. Please visit the FAQ's (under delivery) for the details and instructions on how to order.

We can also drop deliveries off in Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove at Supplement King Monday through Friday, where they will be kept in a fridge. Supplement King closes at 9pm and deliveries typically (but not always) get there between 4:30 and 6:30pm. We will text you once your order has arrived. Please use their business addresses when ordering.

For more info on how delivering works, please visit 'How does Delivery Work' in the FAQ's.

How does Delivery to Drayton Valley Work?

-Whitecourt orders can only be placed for THURSDAY'S.
-Cut off for placing your order is TUESDAY at 6pm.
-Your order will arrive typically in the early afternoon to Anytime Fitness, but please feel free to call them before heading over to ensure the meals have arrived. -Please select the Drayton Valley button when ordering and use either your address or their address: 5007 52 Ave, Drayton Valley, AB T7A 1C9.

Location + Contact

Do you have a storefront?


Our storefront is located at #20 - 10 Carleton Drive, St. Albert.

Our hours are Sunday through Friday 10am to 7pm and Saturday's 10am to 3pm.

We offer smoothies, snacks, coffee and grab + go meals.

We can't guarantee what will be in our fridge for the grab + go meals as it is first come, first serve. If you are wanting specific items, please make an order at

Calgary Storefront:
635a 37avenue NE

Sunday through Friday 11am to 4:30pm*

*hours will be adjusted in the future.

How can I contact you?

You can email your comments and questions to

Alternatively, you can call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.
Sunday office hours are 10am to 5pm.

Keep in mind that our storefront is open until 7pm, but if the staff are busy they won't be able to answer the phone.

Emailing in questions and requests are what we recommend :)

Meal Plans/Macro's

Do you do meal plans?

We ourselves do not, but we do work with New Leaf Fitness and they can build you a Meal Plan based around the food we carry! We can help guide you to the right people based on what your goals are!
You can check out

Do you breakdown people's macros?

Unfortunately we do not split up peoples macros for them anymore. It got to be quite time consuming on our end, and everyone’s likes and dislikes differ so greatly.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you though.

All the items found on our “build you own” and “customs” menus (proteins, carbs, veggies, sauces) can be found on the macro cheat sheet on our website.This makes it simple to calculate how much of something you need to fit your macros.

The pre-made menu items macros are found under each item and on My Fitness Pal. If you are wanting to work with someone who will determine and breakdown your macro's for you, check out New Leaf Fitness. They can create meal plans based on our menu's to suit you.

You can check them out

Do you have sugar and fibre counts?

You can find sugar and fibre counts on My Fitness Pal.
Search 'Just Bite Me Meals' to find the item you need.

Not all our new items are in the MFP database yet as we have been dealing with technical difficulties. We hope to have those added soon.

Where can I find your macros?

The macros for each pre-built menu item is found underneath the item. Head to the home page and click on Edmonton + Area, select pick/up to bypass inputting info, and check out the macros from there.

You can also find all our prebuilt items, snacks and breakfasts on the My Fitness Pal database.
Search 'Just bite me meals' or specify further {'Just Bite Me Meals - Korean Beef'} when searching and they should pop up. Sodium amounts are included on MFP.

Our custom meals items are found on our website. Click on the Macro's tab to find information for our proteins, carbs, veggies and sauces. They are generally listed in 1oz or 100g portions to make it easier to multiply, unless otherwise specified.

Where can I find sodium totals?

Please visit My Fitness Pal to see the sodium amounts.
Search 'Just Bite Me Meals' and all our items should pop up.


What are the meals fridge and freezer life?

With our new vacuum sealed items, fridge life is anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Of course, this is to your discretion, but we recommend 7 days.
The vacuum sealed items also freeze quite well due to the lack of air in the packaging. You can freeze for up to a few weeks, but once again, this is your discretion if you want to extend it.

How do I heat my meals?

There are a variety of ways!
The fastest is to lift the seal a bit (it doesn't have to be removed completely), and place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (your discretion)

Other options are to:
Remove the vac-seal film completely and place in the oven at 350 for 10-15 mins

Or you can empty the contents into a pan and pan fry it until warm :)

Snap lids can not go in the oven, but are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Please note, if using a toaster oven (not a regular conventional oven), do so at your own discretion. Toaster ovens vary greatly in terms of style and heat strength. If using a toaster oven, we recommend watching it frequently and ensuring the meals are placed on a pan. If you notice the container starting to look soft, remove immediately.


I have allergies, what meals are safe to eat?

You can find an allergen cheat sheet on our website. Visit the allergens tab in the above menu. Use the provided PDF to assess whether something is suitable for you to eat.

We do have some gluten free items, but keep in mind that while we are not a gluten free kitchen we do take allergies seriously.

Our custom-build menu items is a great place to look and order from if you're worried about certain ingredients.


How do I order meals?

To order your meals:
Go to our home page and click on your area to order. If you are needing the meals shipped, visit for more information.
From there it will bring you to our Online Ordering Menus. If you just want to peruse our menu's, feel free to select Pick/Up to by-pass putting in your delivery information.

You can put together your meals by choosing from our Breakfast menu, Pre-Built, Snacks and you can even build your own Custom Meals down to specific weights you require!

Once your order is complete, hit submit and we will take care of the rest!

Where can I find your menu?

To view our full menu you can click 'menu' in the top menu on our home page. You'll find viewing instructions there.

The system will let you browse our menu and build your own order to see how much the order would cost.

Can I re-order the same meals?


After placing an order, you'll be given the option to create an account. Once you have an account, you'll be able to view your order history and re-order past orders. If you're signed into your account, you'll see a few options in the bottom right corner after placing your order:

If you click on "Past Orders," a pop-up will appear with a list of your previous orders and you can choose to reorder from there. Please note, in many cases you can create "advanced orders" and order for a future date and time.

Technical Difficulties

I'm trying to place an order but having issues. What do I do?

Having issues ordering? Are you using our app* or our website? Have you tried switching browsers? Is your browser giving you pop ups?

We recommend trying a different browser or method of ordering (app or website).

If you are having no luck, please email us at and include any notes or errors it is giving you as well as include what you are wanting to order and we will manually place it this time, and see about getting the issues fixed for future orders.

*We don't recommend using the app as it has been giving us issues as of late. On your phone you can use a web browser to visit and it'll have a similar layout to the app.


Is your packaging recyclable?

Our vacuum sealed containers are recyclable!
The plastic seal is not and will have to be thrown away, but the base container is.

Recycling instructions:
>>> Rinse or wipe out the container so it is not contaminated with food remnants. Let dry.
>>> Place in your blue bin or bag

Our brown bags are not only made from recycled materials, but are also recyclable, too. However, please remove the handles first before recyling.

Better yet, repurpose them! Below are some ideas.

1) They make for great, study wrapping paper
2) Make into gift tags
3) Ready a spot of land for a garden by cutting the bags, flattening them, and covering them with compost (it kills weeds and prevents them from hindering your garden)
4) Collect kitchen scraps and other compost items; when it’s time to compost, dump out the food scraps and then tear up the bag to go directly into the compost pile as well
5) Shred and add to compost
6) Shred and use for packages to keep breakable items safe
7) If the bag has handles, continue to reuse as a shopping bag
8) Get crafty and use the blank side for art projects; brown paper is great for painting, markering, and more. Pinterest is also full of great ideas for crafty paper bag art projects.

Sleeve Return Program

We offer a sleeve return program!

While we love how sleek the green and black sleeves make our meals look, we know that they can contribute to a lot of waste.

Simply return your sleeves when you come to pick up or leave them out for your driver. We will go through them and disenfect each one. Your name will then be entered into our weekly donut draw!

More Container Info

Our vacuum seal containers are made in Sweden from recycled water bottles and are fully recyclable in your curb side program.

Our snap lid containers are recyclable, but also reusable!
If you have a stockpile of them, look at perhaps donating them to the Reuse center.

You can also bring back your snap lid containers. While we can't use them for commercial purposes once they've been used, our staff do like to use them for personal use.


Do you have a Keto Menu?

We do!

We will continue to add to it, and you can find it along with the other menus at

Do you have vegan and vegetarian options?

We do!

Under the Build your Own Menu, you can choose the following as protein:
-Roasted Chickpeas
-Chickpea + Black Bean "Meatless" Balls
-Fairlight plant based Burger

As for our pre-made menu, we do offer a couple vegan/vegetarian options.
If you would like to sub any of the proteins in a pre-made dish for a vegan protein, please send us an email as to which dishes you are inquiring about and we will see if we are able to!

Gift Cards

Do you do giftcards

Yes! .... well, sorta!

We don't have giftcards, but we do have discount codes!

If you are wanting to gift someone a "giftcard" for our meals, all we have to do is create a unique code for them in whichever amount you wish.
We will send you Bite Me Meals Giftcard PDF with the unique code on it if you wish to print it off and give them a hard copy. Or if you are here in person we can print one off for you.

If you would like to inquire about purchasing a discount code for someone, please email and we will be in touch ASAP!

Vacuum Seal

Are all your meals vacuum sealed

Majority are, yes!

- All our custom and build-your-own meals are vacuum sealed.

- Most of our pre-made dishes are as well. The ones that are not are as follows:
BBQ Burger
Buffalo Wrap

- Our breakfast meals are not.
- Our snacks are not

Discounts and Bulk Ordering

Do you offer bulk ordering discounts?

We do!

If you order 30 meals, use code 30MEALS for 5% off.
If you order 60 meals, use code 60MEALS for 10% off.

Most of our meals are vacuum sealed and last 7-10 days in the fridge as well as freeze nicely, in case you're worried about ordering so many meals at once ;)

Do you have discounts for re-occuring customers?

We appreciate every single order placed. We wouldn't be here without you!!
If this is your first time ordering, use code FIRSTTIME for savings!!

After every 5 orders you will receive an automatic email for a discount off your next order.
Discounts alternate from 10 to 15 to 20 percent off.
Keep an eye on your email inbox as those are where the codes will be sent to!